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Timothy Jahn

The Rev. Timothy Jahn is a disciple of Jesus, a husband of 20 years, a father of four great kids, and a Lutheran Pastor since 2007.

The oldest of four children, Pastor Tim grew up worshiping at All Saints Lutheran Church in Hartland, Michigan, where his father was the pastor. He developed a passion for music while learning to play guitar, sometimes using that talent in his church’s praise band. He developed deep faith and friendships attending Lutheran youth events here in Michigan, and began to feel a sense of call to ministry as a camp counselor at Michi-Lu-Ca, the same place where he met and married Laura Ketchum.

After earning his Bachelor’s in Literature at Eastern Michigan University, Tim enrolled at Trinity Seminary in Columbus, Ohio. Tim served a year-long internship at Christ Lutheran Church in Libby, Montana, was ordained on June 17, 2007, and accepted a call as pastor of Grace Lutheran Church in Easton, Maryland. He served there until 2011. While there, Tim and Laura welcomed their first two children, Magdalena (2008) and Soren (2011).

Pastor Tim’s second call was to Salem Lutheran Church in Catonsville, an inner ring suburb of Baltimore, where he specialized in youth and young adult ministry. Using his musical gifts, he mentored young leaders in the Delaware/Maryland Synod’s Lutheran Youth Organization, as they stepped up to plan and lead worship for hundreds of their peers. During this time, Laura earned her Master’s in Pastoral Counseling from Loyola University Baltimore, and the family welcomed Ezra (2016).

In 2017, after a brief interim call at Living Grace Lutheran Church in Urbana, MD, Tim and the family were “called home” to Michigan, where Tim began as pastor of Advent Lutheran Church in Lake Ann, Michigan. Here, they welcomed their fourth child Lars (2018). Highlights of Pastor Tim’s ministry here have been “Pint and Ponder,” a wide-ranging theological discussion group at the local brewery, “Pause”, a Wednesday night band-led communion service, leading Advent’s youth at numerous faith-building events, presence in the community as a scout leader and board member of Families Against Narcotics, and advocacy for affordable housing with Benzie Faith in Action.

Pastor Tim’s vision for the Church is to deepen spirituality, relationships, and community action, using small group ministries rooted in the Good News and teachings of Jesus Christ. He is excited to meet the people of Messiah and listen for God’s plan for us.    


Norma Roenicke, Music Director

Norma has been at Messiah since 1998.  She has decades of performing and music teaching experience.  She loves the people at Messiah, particularly her choir members.  She has a passion for nurturing the talents of the people at Messiah.  She is also a loving wife and mother.


Elizabeth Brinker, Office Manager

Elizabeth has been at Messiah since 2015.  She enjoys working with the people of Messiah, and using her graphic design talents to make all of the church publications the best they can be.  Elizabeth is a loving wife and mother and enjoys many forms of crafting in her spare time.


David Pennel, Custodian

David has been at Messiah since 2019. He loves taking care of the people of Messiah and tending to their needs as a church. He is a transplant to Bay City from the south and enjoys camping in his spare time.  He is also newly married.


Gretchen Wagner, President
Steve Moelter, Vice President & Facilities Chair
Amy Ahler, Treasurer
Dawn Gillard, Secretary
Bob Hill, Special Funds Treasurer
Kathy Kipfmiller, Church Life Chair
Jennifer Ritter, Stewardship Chair
Laurie Veitengruber, Trustee
Mary Donnelly, Trustee
Terry Lutz, Finance Chair
Laura Ryder, Trustee
Tim Welther, Trustee
Dave Kraycsir, Trustee
Sue Peters, Trustee
Ray Steff, Trustee
Marc Roedel, Trustee
Pat Smith, Financial Secretary


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